Xiaomi Mi A2 Review

Today, Amazon launched the Xiaomi A2. If you remember the success Xiaomi  had last year with Mi A1 which came to vanilla Android and not MIUI, this experiment of Xiaomi releasing phones under Android One program means that this will be a powerful phone running the excellent bang for buck hardware of Xiaomi on the ultra light Android One skin by Google. For those who are new to Android One, it is a special version of Android directly from Google that gives a select range of phones super clean consistent software, the latest software features, 2 years of guaranteed software updates which are the big updates and three years of security updates. It’s very easy to compare this phone to a pixel device except with a budget price.

There are two versions of the Xiaomi A2. One with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage, other one has 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage at still a very reasonable and very affordable price. Now besides the software the design of this phone is also very high quality as well. The phone is made completely of aluminum and it feels very high quality but aluminum lacks any sort of grip at the back it’s kind of like the OnePlus 5T. It’s very slippery and you’re gonna need a case and thankfully there is a case actually included in the box but it’s just kind of a cheap plastic case.

Sadly no headphone jack on this device but you do get a dongle in the Box to use. There’s a single speaker there’s also a faster rear fingerprint scanner and actually this phone has an IR blaster which is very different to see on a 2018 smartphone. It’s a great feature but sadly this phone is not water-resistant at all. Moving up, the front this phone has a 6 inch 1080p LCD display that looks really good in my opinion and doesn’t have a notch thankfully which is very refreshing to see in 2018 on a smartphone. The display itself is also bright. It’s vibrant colors look pretty solid, kind of accurate as well. Viewing angles aren’t perfect but they’re way better than I expected for phone of this price. Sharpness of the 1080p is also very decent. The hardware is nothing super unique or different. It’s just kind of a metal phone that looks good feels good and is definitely very solid.

Coming to video recording, 1080p video has electronic stabilization while 4k video has no stabilization or whatsoever. Despite this lack of EIS or OIS in 4k, still the video does look really good with great sharpness colors and dynamic range. To summarize, this phone has great hardware, great software, great performance and specifications, great still camera all at a great price.  This is what makes this a great Android phone plus two years of consistent software updates definitely doesn’t hurt either.

The phone really performs like a dream. It’s not gonna be as fast the Google pixel or OnePlus 6 or Galaxy S9. Those phones aren’t a whole different league completely but for the price it’s definitely very very fast in opening apps and for daily use.

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