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Work | Deepak Julien on the Web

I maintain balance between "work" and "life" by blurring the difference. Work and life are not two separate things to me. I think about the things that interest me all the time and I see them, talk about them, play with them daily - cars, cars, cars. I call this the privilege of loving my work!

By profession, I am mechanical engineer working for an auto major in the Intellectual Property Division. My interest and passion on "anything that has wheels" has always expressed itself in the work I create. Here are few things about me to give you an idea of who I am and what I am doing.

Why Mechanical?

Why Mechanical Engineering? | Deepak Julien on the Web I have always been amazed at how things work. I simply would not settle down riding in a car without wondering what keeps the car going. I can still vividly remember how I would often ask my mother to stop at the airport whenever a plane was landing or taking off.

What am I doing?

What am I doing? | Deepak Julien on the Web My job gives me a nice view of the latest developments in auto sector. I work at the intersection of two very different disciplines - technical and legal. I analyse new inventions in product development and compare it with existing technologies day to day as an intellectual property engineer.

Stuff I think I have?

Stuff I think I have? | Deepak Julien on the Web (1) Team playing skills
(2) Discipline
(3) Scientific curiosity
(4) Analytical skills
(5) Feeling for innovation
(6) Documentation / Presentation
(7) Fluent English
(8) Global approach
(9) Web Programming skills
(10) Last but not least CURIOSITY!

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence | Deepak Julien on the Web (1) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in first class with 84.53% marks.
(2) Gold medalist for university second in engineering mechanics
(3) Gold medalist for university second in Fluid Dynamics
(4) University sixth rank holder in mechanical engineering

Career Development

Career Development | Deepak Julien on the Web Intellectual Property protection, especially in Auto Industry, is quickly going to occupy a significant place among high value professions as the number of qualified professionals is less. Having significant expertise and experience in this background, I can foresee some interesting potential career paths..

Download Resume

Download Resume | Deepak Julien on the Web I believe that other than what can be included in a resume, few non-tangible advantages - work ethic, focus, determination, maturity, composure, mental toughness, confidence and awareness make a good professional. Click here to download a printable PDF copy of my resume.

Goodies for you

Download HD wallpapers

High Resolution Wallpapers

These are some high resolution wallpapers, I designed in Photoshop for my dual screen display. Give them a try!

Techno Ringtones Pack v1

Here are some cool techno mixes in mp3 format that sounds good on mobile phones. They are snazzy. Hope you like it

Windows Registry tweaks

This is a collection of registry tweaks I personally tested and found working. Some of them focus on system performance improvements some on interface improvements. Please read Disclaimer before use