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Bloggery » November 18th, 2016

Widget sync problem in Xiaomi MIUI

Xiaomi’s MIUI is so aggressive in power management that it does not allow third party widgets like HD widgets or beautiful widgets to run in the background which is necessary for them to update their widgets such as clock, weather, etc. This was very annoying to me as every time I pick up my phone after few hours, I see that the widgets are out of sync. As you can see in the image below, the clock and weather widgets were running out of sync. After reading lots of forums and unable to find a solution, I read somewhere the below technique that actually worked for me.


This technique tells MIUI to lock that app and allow it to keep running in the background as needed to update widgets. Now, MIUI wont interfere with the apps functioning. To do this, you need to go the the task switching window and once you are there, select the widget app you want to allow and swipe it down. Now you will see a lock icon which will be in unlocked state. Press the lock icon once to lock the app and from now on, your widgets will always run in sync. Hope this helps someone who is trying to solve this problem.

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