Why I chose Mechanical Engg in College

Do you know what makes airplanes fly? Moreover, have you not wondered how rockets make it through the earth’s surface without exploding? Indeed, it is awesome how a lot of things work because of engineering. Engineering plays a very important role in building the gap between the past and the future.

I have always been amazed at how things work. I simply would not settle down riding in a car without wondering what keeps the car going. I can still vividly remember how I would often ask my mother to stop at the airport whenever a plane was landing or taking off. The powerful sound of the engines seemed to engulf me so completely that for a couple of times, it almost made me cry. I didn’t know the reason for the noise and reverberations then. These days I still get the same feeling of bewilderment every time I hear the thundering sound of the engines, but now I know the reasons why they sound that way.

It is indeed very wonderful how man is able to make things happen. Most people may never wonder how ships are able to cruise through seas and oceans without sinking at all. Because of man’s never ending quest for knowledge, the distances between planets have been calculated, and in some cases bridged. Supersonic jets have been developed to travel faster than light. These are definitely some of the things that remain unfathomable to some people, especially if they don’t even bother to know learn how all these are made possible.

I have always believed that man should not settle for the things that he can see, but rather what lies beneath that cannot be seen. My fondness for the possibility of things is probably one of the factors that triggered my taking interest in becoming a mechanical engineer. I have never stopped wondering what keeps cars going, nor have I ceased being amazed by jet engines. As I grew older, I came to realize that I would like to find the answers to the questions that have haunted me since I was a child. With the yearning to know these answers, I ended up in the world of mechanical engineering. Many of my friends and family members were surprised at my decision to take up mechanical engineering.

Being a mechanical engineer is not easy. I believe that in order to succeed you need to have the interest of becoming one from the very start. On the other hand, education plays a very important role in making the greatest professionals. It is therefore very vital that you critically choose a university that can provide you with everything that you need in order to become a mechanical engineer of high quality.

Fortunately, it wasn’t hard for me to do this because one of the prestigious universities in the country is practically in my backyard. This university offers not just any mechanical engineering program, but one with competence and quality. These are what make graduates of this university a cut above the rest. More than just the knowledge and the skills required in the mechanical engineering profession, the right attitude is significantly developed as well. More than just mathematics, statics and dynamics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechatronics, materials engineering, design, CAD, instrumentation, refrigeration, and air-conditioning, mechanisms, and fluid mechanics are involved.

Training as a mechanical engineer will lead you into one of the broadest areas of engineering. There are jobs for mechanical engineers in practically every area of industry. Mechanical engineers are involved in design, research, manufacture, development, management, and marketing, and all of these require the basic knowledge and skills and most importantly the right attitude. I’m happy that I’m one and it is a decision I made years back that I don’t regret!

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