Watch Angel TV Online Fullscreen using VLC Player

Angel TV run by blessed man of God Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a blessing to millions of people worldwide. Angel TV is a Tamil television channel broadcasting messages related to the second coming of Christ in the form of prophetic messages given to saints, and Biblical expounding. Angel TV also broadcasts gospel music and helps lot of people to stay in focus and alerted regarding the second coming of Christ. Angel TV nourishes the spiritual thoughts and clearly and vividly explains Biblical messages to all of us. One program of special interest is pastor Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj discussions with Anand on a variety of problems surrounding today’s churches and contrasts them with the expectations of Christ. Angel TV also warns against false prophets who misrepresent the word of God and deceive people.

Unfortunately, even though this wonderful channel is provided completely free by the Angel TV Organization, he air carriers charge Angel TV hefty amounts for broadcasting. So Angel TV is currently not available through the cable networks in Tamilnadu. Angel TV is available only through Airtel DTH installations. Though it is a nice decision to invest on an Airtel DTH box for watching Angel TV alone as it is such a blessing, here is an alternate way to watch Angel TV on your computer if you have a broadband connection.

First of all you can watch Angel TV through your browser on Angel TVs website is totally free and the most recommended method to watch it online. Instructions are available here. But somehow if your browser plug ins does not support fullscreen viewing or buffers too much, here I suggest you a method which I use to watch Angel TV online fullscreen on my 32 inch screen smoothly.

You will need VLC player for this. If you have not installed it on your computer, it can be downloaded free from here or from VLC Player’s site. After downloading install this player on your machine. Next download any one of the below files or the full zip package for all bandwidthsbelow based on your internet connection speed. I created this playlist files to watch Angel TV Online in fullscreen using VLC player. These are VLC Players very small XSPF playlist files for watching Angel TV. Remember to save them on your desktop.

Angel TV Low Bandwidth – If your internet connection speed is 256 Kbps or less. Angel TV will play at low quality. Intermittent buffering may happen. You need at least 512 Kbps to have smooth viewing of Angel TV online.

Angel TV Medium Bandwidth – If your internet connection speed id 256 Kbps to 1 Mbps. Angel TV will play at decent Quality

Angel TV High Bandwidth – If your internet connection speed is above 1 Mbps. Angel TV will play at good quality.

Zip Package containing all above files – Playlist files for all bandwidths zipped. Test each one until you get best playback of Angel TV Online.

Once downloaded, just double click on these files and it will start playing on VLC Player. Please wait for few seconds initially for the player to buffer before it actually starts playing Angel TV. Now once it starts playing, double click anywhere on the video to watch Angel TV in fullscreen.

If you consider Angel TV as a blessing to you and your family, please consider donating to Angel TV here. Let us spread the word of only living God to save as many people as we can in our lifetime. God Bless You.

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