Verizon iPhone 4 Data Plan

Verizon charges the same as AT&T for new iPhone 4 contracts. The 16GB variant comes at $199 and the 32GB variant comes at $299, each with a two year contract and compulsory voice and data plan.

Three voice plans will be available, at $39.99/mo for 450 minutes, $59.99/month for 900 minutes (and unlimited voice calls to 5 people on any network), and $69.99/month for nationwide unlimited voice calls. For data usage, two data plans are offered, $29.99/month for unlimited data or $49.99/month for adding in 2Gigs of mobile hotspot data; each additional Gigabyte of mobile hotspot data is charged at $20.

AT&T vs Verizon Data Plan Pricing

Finally there are four plans for texting, either pay-per-use (20 cents a text or 25 cents a picture or video message), 250 messages for $5/month, 500 for $10/month (and unlimited to other Verizon customers), or completely unlimited for $20. Verizon has already hinted that unlimited data is a promotion rather than the norm, though we don’t know how long it will be before data usage is capped.

In contrast, AT&T has two plans for data and both are cheaper than Verizon’s, but neither offering unlimited data. Instead, $15 gives you 200Megs and $25 gives you 2Gigs. Voice and messaging plans are roughly comparable.

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