Toyota Advertises on Cydia App Repository for Apple Devices

Toyota is now advertising on Cydia, an app popular among Jaibreakers for app management on their iPhone, iPod and iPads. The move was spurred by the Federal Government’s decision to make jailbreaking legal, allowing millions of iPhone & iPad owners to remove restrictions placed on their tool but also giving companies a dedicated route by which they could start to engage with the jailbreak community. For some it is thrilling to see Toyota, of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, taking to alternative iOS app-store & application repository Cydia to run a series of commercials & offer a sponsored theme. By this, Toyota has become the first major corporation to target members of the jailbreak scene.

Toyota Advertises on Cydia

Acknowledging the growth of the community, Toyota has began to start promotion on the app marketplace, designing a custom iPhone theme specifically for jailbroken devices, choosing to run a campaign with, which sees them host the theme but also run ads on their net site. Cydia’s creator Saurik estimates that around 9% of iOS users jailbreaking their devices, with one.5 million matchless users access Cydia every day. Topping three million users each week, it is thought that up to 15 million Apple devices have been jailbroken.

Nissan, of Toyota’s major rivals, became of the first corporations to utilise Apple’s iAd platform, jogging a campaign for the Nissan Leaf. The company & its advertisement were even featured by Apple’s Chief Steve Jobs in his keynotes. While Cydia might not have the exact visibility of Apple’s iAd platform, users are nowadays more educated on how to make use of their devices & promotion budgets are going to be lower than promotion directly done through Apple’s iAds.

Toyota’s campaign sees it promote its new Scion range, users basically require to search for Scion 2011 Theme in Cydia to download it. The company has also taken out advertisement spots within Cydia to promote its campaign. The Cupertino-based company won’t be happy with promotion dollars lining the pockets of third-party developers, if it encourages other major brands to start targeting the jailbreak community. It would be fascinating to see if results proved positive for Toyota’s advertising campaign.

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