Toshiba Camileo X150 is Worst

I bought this Toshiba Camileo X150 handy camera for basic video capturing – primarily family outings. But I did the mistake of going by the specs and buying it at an Argos UK catalogue only store without trying it out. Though the Camileo X150 camera boasts a 10x zoom lens, it is useless even to be called as a decent zoom for the money. The Camileo X150 relies on digital image stabilization but not the more effective optical image stabilization. At full zoom, the lack of optical stabilisation’s clearly visible.

But the biggest bad news that put me off is the camera has an extremely sluggish focus that will spoil your video when you repeatedly use zoom function when capturing video. The lag in focus for a few seconds is annoying both at starting up the camera and while filming and zooming. Often while zooming, the camera will hunt for focus repeatedly making your subject blur slightly while it is doing so. Initially I thought I have got myself a lemon but when checking with other users I came to know, this is by no means a problem unique to the my camera. It occurs so often that you need to be very mindful of using the zoom or even if you are shifting the focus on objects.  The problem is still evident when zooming slowly. I even tried if Toshiba has released any new firmware for this model but no luck.

This is a less than par performance camera and I suggest shelling out few more money and buying a basic sony camcorder that costs almost one and a half times but does not suffer from this annoying focus lag.

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