Tips to speed up Android Phones and improve battery life

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the methods to improve the speed of android devices.

Tip 1. Check if you are running the latest firmware. Since upgrading the firmware removes many bugs and loads many new features.

Tip 2. Remove unwanted or rarely used applications. Since prior to Froyo (Android 2.2) applications are installed on the phone memory. Froyo onward we need to install App2SD to install the applications on the SD Card.

Tip 3. Install a task killer application like TasKiller. It allows us to kill the unwanted running applications resulting in freeing the memory.

Tip 4. Install a start up manager like Startup Cleaner. It allows us to boost the start up by removing unwanted applications to run on boot up.

Tip 5. Restart the device weekly so that the resources get freed up. This allows the resources to get refreshed.

Tip 6. Use a static wallpaper rather than a live wallpaper. It is not applicable to Cupcake or Donut devices.

Tip 7. Try third party homescreen launchers and use light settings. Reduce the number of homescreens (<4) and use only essential widgets (weather, world clock) and not fanciful widgets which comsume lot of resources.

Tip 8. Use Juicedefender. It is a free and amazing application that improves the battery life upto 25% without compromising much on usage pattern.

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