The BMW X1 Latest Model

Given the road conditions, use of full throttle and speed regime approach, we believe that X1 has proved to be quite economical. The engine presents the best consumer values obtained both in urban and in rural and motorway extra.

X1 enjoy a standard system for recovering lost kinetic energy during braking, a stop-start system and automatic gear change indicator for versions equipped with manual transmissions, electric oil pump operated on a map, can automatically stop the equipment ancillary to reduce friction and unnecessary energy consumption and system that achieves optimal operating temperature quickly to reduce wear, emissions and fuel consumption.


BMW X1 xDrive2.8i needs just 6.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h. The maximum speed of this model is 240 km / h. The new engine offers 90.1 kW per liter, respectively 8.8 kW per kilogram.

BMW X1 Wallpaper

Compared with the most powerful gasoline engine versions of rivals, the X1 has an advantage of at least 0.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h. The secret behind this performance is the special exhaust manifold, which divides the four cylinders into two sets of exhaust pulses, each of the two pulses are transmitted in one of two channels of the turbine.

The result is a high level of torque and power, provided faster and more efficiently. The engine also benefits from a double-VANOS system, direct injection and Valvetronic.

The Interior

Unlike the X1 first copy that was tested, we are talking about a model that represents the version of the top range equipment. Therefore, we have leather upholstery, wood trim and aluminum and a higher quality level.

Unfortunately, the X1 offers a level of interior space similar to the 3 Series Touring. Moreover, its trunk has a relatively low volume segment of only 420 liters. Rivals from Audi Q5 offers 540 liters, while Mercedes-Benz GLK offers 450 liters.

You must specify that the Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLK belong to a larger segment of compact SUVs, which are struggling rather than X1 BMW X3, but the smallest model range of BMW X is not itself a rival at the moment, so it was compared with the two older models. Otherwise, we have a typical BMW inside, with a central console geared towards the driver subtle and very well shaped seats.

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