Best E-Book Reader Today

Well it can be true that the look and feel of ordinary paper is nonetheless incomparable, especially with technology; however, not every Electronic Book Reader is designed similarly. All of them may be technological products, but one specific e-reader can be the most pleasant offering. has borne a reading device that can truly alter your views on electronic reading.

iPad vs Kindle

You have experienced reading on an LCD screen, perhaps on a laptop or a desktop monitor. Sure irritation and hurt it causes the eyes won’t go unnoticed. Generally that’s how it is reading on technology. With the line of Kindle e-readers, that is not the case. It’s amazing how a screen doesn’t look like a screen on a reading gadget. When you get to see it you can definitely ask yourself is it really technology that you’re laying your eyes on.

How did Kindle Reader become the top Portable Reader?

Fact is this isn’t exaggeration. The reason behind this unbelievable “feels-like-real- paper-read” on Kindle by Amazon is the E Ink Screen technology. On the latest generation Kindle 3G, crisper and darker fonts are evident making it a lot more comfortable for wide readers. Moreover, it has 50% better contrast that’s why unlike LCD screens- it has no glare so you read as easily even in broad daylight. What does someone who reads pretty much asks for? For one comfort, next ease then lightness of feel and relaxation. All these are factors for you to have a total reader’s satisfaction.

Compared to other big e-reader competitors around, it stands out due to its impeccable qualities and design. How it was built to meet what your eyes need as readers. That factor alone is top on the list. Another valuable characteristic is its light weight (lighter than paperback). It’s just that having it is like carrying thousand of paperbacks in one reading gadget.

That’s truly good news to people who finds reading more than hobby or leisure. Portability is another matter to take delight on and how convenient it is to bring along during travels anywhere in the world. Currently it has built-in 3G wireless technology so that wherever you are getting books won’t be a trouble. Or if you’re in a hotspot you can use the Wi-Fi capability in order to connect.

Kindle Reader allows you to be immersed into reading with the same ease as that when you do on real paper. Whether you are at an airport, a restaurant, a children’s park, or at home, Kindle created by is something to wish for. Battery life is on thing you need not worry about. It can last up to a month (wireless off) in case you stay long on the road. If you’re thinking of storing up your favorite author’s novel selections, feel free. Storage capacity of this sleek reader is up to 3,500 anyway. Qualities you desire in an electronic reading device name it and experience it today.

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