Ten Things About Me

I cannot think of why would anyone in this world would like to know ten more things about me considering the fact I am already a well known personality, a hero of the masses in the 10000 long foot space around my home. Quite famous you know. What I initially considered writing here was “10 Things About Polar Bears”. But somehow I changed my mind. So, here is 10 more things about “yours” deepak which you probably don’t know.

1. I’m damn freaky about excel sheets. Excel tables have to be properly and uniformly formatted. Texts are aligned to the left and numbers to the right. Numbers whould have commas and test should have periods. If you can’t do this properly, I consider you are unfit to live in modern civilization.

2. I have a false temper. Nothing more to say, except that I know that I have a false temper. I often find me losing my temper with with people whom I think deserving, but there could be an issue of guesswork there. I think I’ll grow old soon and calm down, but as of now, you have to just keep up with it.

3. I want music everywhere. Biking, Driving cars, bathing at home, doing exercise, working, sleeping. I have iron ears that will listen to just anything,

4. I am curious. I don’t always understand why certain people do things the way they do. It makes me curious to learn why so that I could feel better about judging your fitness for modern civilization.

5. My political views are mine alone. I don’t always go with any school of thought because I don’t like schools in general. They kicked me out a lot – almost 3 different schools kicked me out.

6. I’ve a great sense of humor. I often laugh at myself. But the problem is not everyone think I’m funny. In fact, I think it is their problem.

7. I am shallow. I am subjective to opinions. I dont mean I judge a book by its cover. But judge a book by the cover of different books. I also prepare to look in the mirror to inspect myself.

8. I’m not smart. I’m good at pretending like I’m smart and convincing you that I am smart, but I am not smart. In fact, many times, I rely on others to tell me what to do and how to do.

9. I drive dangerously fast. But only when I’m alone. Nothing anybody has said has changed my mind. I feel I will meet accidents if I drive slow. Between me and my driving speed, I’m convinced that I won’t live that long (45 is a rough estimate). I plan to enjoy the most of it and complete my Universe Domination Plans before that.

10. I’m a great cook. I can burn water and turn it into water vapour and put noodle cakes in it and prepare a DELICIOUS dish for you.

I’m supposed to enjoy reading comments and tag you I am in right mood.

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