TAGA TAV-506 V.2 Review

I was searching for budget but good sounding 5.0 speaker package and came across TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 in Amazon. It is not one of the best-selling passive speaker systems on the market at this moment, but still I decided to give it a try. And today after 2 years of usage, I am glad I tried it, thanks to an excellent quality / price ratio.

I will try to give you an objective review and invite you readers to express your comments on the speakers in the bottom of the page.

The 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 passive speaker system incorporates a modern technology to combine high-quality stereo sound with dynamic home theater resolution. TAGA engineers, have managed to deliver a balanced and dynamic sound that manages to reach the full range of frequencies.

The 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 is made of 9-12 mm MDF boards and the floor enclosure is additionally equipped with some reinforcements that will limit internal resonances thanks to increased rigidity. The speaker box was specially designed for low vibrations to be minimal, thus providing a good sound performance.

The tweeter of the 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 passive speaker system is silk dome, with an oversized magnet, with a ferrofluid cooling and an aluminum wired coil. It delivers sharp acoustic performance even at high levels.

The 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 Passive Speaker Front Speaker consists of a rigid, very thin, glass fiber cone and a rubber suspension. It moves very fast, favoring the amplitude and accuracy of the average frequencies.

The 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 passive speaker woofer consists of a pressed cone and a high power coil, improving the bass performance. Anti-dust protection is specially formulated to improve the dispersion of a wide range of mid-frequencies.

Bass reflex ports favor low frequency dispersion. The crossover wires are extremely durable and offer durable reliability. Inside wiring offers only high quality components (wires, connectors, terminals) to provide audio playback without loss of details between the receiver and the amplifier.

My conclusion is that 5.0 TAGA Harmony TAV-506 V.2 is a passive speaker system with an above average performance, offered at a very attractive price. The high-quality materials used to make it will ensure a high-quality acoustic performance over the long term.

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