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Rowenta Compact Valet Garment Steamer Review

I bought this steamer Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet for 90 USD during my visit to the US. I bought this to reduce my time ironing clothes that are badly shrunk using steam iron. This works only in 110 volt and I am currently using a 220 volt to 110 volt converter as this part of the world where I live in uses 220 volt. The steamer consumes 1550 watts peak. Right from day one, I love this steamer and use it daily. Once you turn it on, it takes less than a minute to be ready to use. And, the process of steaming goes really quickly. This steamer is light and easy. For my usage, a full water tank seems to last about a month between fillings. Love the hanger so I can hang whatever I need to steam. Other steams have a hook and the garment keeps moving with those hooks. I use this steamer for everything ranging from men's clothes, my kid's clothes and even bed sheets. (more…)

By deepakjulien, ago