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Bloggery » March 14th, 2014

Steps to install Kitkat 4.4 ROM on Note 2

In this page, I will take you through the steps for installing Androids latest Kitkat 4.4.X ROM on your Samsung note 2 N7100. Please note these steps are intended for international Note 2 N7100 and not for the N7105 or other variants. First you should be aware that the ROM installed in this post is a custom ROM meaning it is not a Samsung released ROM. I have always installed and used custom ROMS right from day one of buying the phone. Custom ROMS usually more efficient in battery utilization and offer unlimited customization opportunities. The downside is some ROMs may have bugs which may mean no HDMI out, wi-fi issues, etc. Also custom ROMS – AOSP based usually do not have S-note or other Samsung specific apps but they can be installed later. I usually try to spot bug-free stable ROMS and use them on my device.

Android Kitkat on N7100Android Kitkat on N7100

Android Kitkat on N7100Android Kitkat on N7100

Android Kitkat on N7100Android Kitkat on N7100

The ROM we are about to install is called AOKP Kitkat ROM. It is based on Android 4.4.2 and it can be downloaded from here. This ROM is based on CyanogenMod 11. The reason I chose this ROM is because of my experience with the previous AOKP ROMs, which are Jellybean based from the same team. The ROM offers a clean look which I prefer to the bloated Samsung ROMs. The ROM is functional an can be a daily use ROM.

STEP 1: Download the ROM from the XDA link mentioned above. Download 4.4 Gapps from here –
Step 2: Place the downloaded ROM in the root of your SD card.
Step 3: Make sure you have a 4.3 based recovery or download and install a 4.3 based recovery such as Philz recovery. Instructions on how to do this are available here –
Step 4: Reboot into recovery, You must in Philz recovery.
Step 5: On the recovery screen,choose Wipe System, Data, Cache and Dalvik cache under Mounts and storage and Advanced options
Step 6: Select the ROM and flash the ROM
Step 7: Select and Flash 4.4 Gapps
Step 8: Reboot and you will be in Kitkat 4.4 AOKP ROM now.

Warning: Installing custom ROM may damage your Galaxy Note 2. Do this at your own risk.

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