Sony SA D10 is clean and tight

Recently got hold of a Sony SA-D10 multimedia speaker system for my laptop. All I wanted was a 2.1 channel system with decent power output and tighter bass. I researched on Edifier C3 and Sony SA-D9 / Sony SA-D10 in mind. I circled on these few choices before going to shop mainly because of the 2.1 system with decent RMS rating I needed. The Sony had the highest power output of 70W and a massive sub woofer. Based on my early experiences with Sony, I went in for SA-D10. Though this looks like one, this is not a 4.1 channel speaker system. It is a stereo system with two right channels and two left channels. Also has USB playback for MP3, AAC and WMA files. The USB drive has to be formatted in FAT16 ot FAT32 format as it does not support NTFS format.

The packaging is very good. I attached the rubber legs to all satellites and placed the sub in the middle of the satellites, connected to PC using 3.5mm stereo cable supplied and switched it ON. Played a melodious song with volume close to 10 percent and it was a wonderful listening experience. The vocals were very crisp with the right amount of thump. Next, I played a FLAC file, a pop song and raised the volume slowly. The bass started filling the room and what surprised me is that the bass still remained very tight without being boomy like some bass heavy speakers. I raised the volume all the way to 80 percent and the bass still remained clean and tight thuds. Really love this speaker though its a bit on the higher side for a 2.1 PC speaker system. It consumes 25 watts and could play for a long time on my 1 KV UPS in case of power loss. I recommend it to anyone looking for a 2.1 stereo system for their PC / mobile phones.

Update: I see many people visiting this blog had lost their D10 remote. RM-ANU156 is the remote. Unfortunately, it is not available online anywhere. For people coming to me, I am helping by buying an universal remote locally, programming using my D10 remote and ship to them. I charge the cost of the generic universal remote and shipping at INR 800 throughout India. You can purchase the compatible remote programmed to work with D10 through this ebay link, if interested. Below is the picture of the Primuz Universal remote that I can program and send to you.

Update 2: You can now buy the D100 which is basically D10 + Bluetooth.

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