Best seller SUV in Romania

Best sold SUVs in Romania for the last year were Dacia Duster, Volkswagen Tiguan and Ford Kuga. First place went to Romanian model, that won detached with a market share of approximately 40%, probably because of its price and its popularity in the born country. Even though Dacia Duster is based in Nissan Qasqai’s platform and is build under the Renault name, Romanians thought of it like of the first national SUV model created by Dacia.

The Duster is becoming more and more popular in rest of the Europe also, a prove that its origins and the price are good factors for the possible buyers.

In the second it place was the Volkswagen Tiguan, with sales last year totaling 6% of a market of 12,256 vehicles in 2010. These results have helped German model to move forward together. The third place was retained by the Ford Kuga with about 5% share of the market, thus moving up two positions compared to 2009.

The fourth best-selling SUV is Hyundai ix35 Romania (4% share of the market), this model being launched just in 2010. The following positions are occupied by models BMW X5, up three places, the Volkswagen Touareg, up one position, and the BMW X6, this new model entered the top ten for the first time.

Audi Q5, eight-place, is a new entrant in the top models also for the last year. Hyundai Santa Fe is also in that top and with that we conclude the list. The Santa Fe model dropped eight positions losing quite a lot of the market share in favour of the German models. The last model we are talking about in this top is Honda CR-V.

SUV sales in 2010 increased by 21% to 12,256 units, attributed to the evolution of the market entry Duster model.

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