Samsung Chat On for Android

The Chat On application from Samsung is now available online on the Google Android application store for download by any and all android devices of any make and model. Initially it was expected that Samsung phones only will have this feature as its Samsung specific. But Samsung has generously announced it for the whole Android community free of charge.

Chat On is Samsung’s global mobile communication service that works across all major smartphone and feature phone platforms including Android and Bada as of now. The Samsung Chat On feature is compatible with all android devices running android version 2.2 and above and can be downloaded from the android marketplace by following the given link. While smartphone users can enjoy advanced feature options, enabling richer communication by allowing users to see how often they communicate with their buddies using the Interaction Rank feature and post comments on buddies’ profile pages. Users can also create an ‘Animation message’ which allows them to create their own content by scribbling texts, adding audio and choosing their background pictures.

Chat On is available in more than 120 countries supporting up to 62 different languages, features two functionality options. One of the best features of this application is that it allows connectivity between different devices regardless of the platform. A basic functionality option is available for feature phone users who prefer simple and easy usage, allowing users to share text, pictures, calendar, contacts and emoticons.

Along with this Samsung has also made its plans for expansion and future of the application as well. The Chat on feature will also soon be available for iOS and BlackBerry platform as well through a stand along application which will soon be made available for both these platforms.

With the new Samsung chat on, users can chat, share pictures with friends, family members irrespective of the device they are using.

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