Best Kids Bikes from Radio Flyer

Almost everyone has seen a Radio Flyer Wagon with its bright and shiny red and white paint job and chrome hubcaps on the wheels. Radio Flyer Bikes and trikes started to be produced around 1970 and they are produced today with durability and safety in mind. Radio Flyer did not always produce kids toys, in fact, they made some things during their 85 year history that most people today do not know they manufactured.

Best Kids Bikes

Antonio Pasin came from Venice Italy in 1917. He settled in Chicago and because he knew how to work with wood he tried to save up enough money to open a woodworking business of his own. In order to do this he would make wagons on the weekend. His wagons were so well made he had to forgo the thoughts of having a woodworking shop and went into business making those popular wagons. Pretty soon his wagons were made with metal and when the war started the country needed metal to make ammunition, planes and other war equipment. The company was asked to stop production but instead they went into production making products to benefit the war. Blitz cans and other metal products used in the war effort were made for three whole years. Wagons went back into production after the war and in the fifties the red wagon with white trim became one of the most popular in the country.

Radio Flyer products are made with quality materials and they are made to be safe. They may cost a bit more than the inexpensive plastic molded bikes and wagons but they last forever. It is not uncommon to pass down a bike or wagon from kid to kid and even from generation to generation.

Bikes made by Radio Flyer used to be painted only in that well known red and white theme and they always had the little bell on the handlebar and streamers on the handles. Most of the two wheelers have training wheels that are the safest around. These training wheels will not bend or loosen and they will not come off until you want them to. Bikes are strong and have steel construction with chrome fenders and handlebars.

There are many models of trikes made by the company and most of them still have that bell to warn everyone they are coming up the sidewalk. They are a little bit different that the trikes they first started to make. The first difference is that they are not just in that familiar red and white theme. They come in bright primary colors or in shades of pink for girls.

Fold 2 Go is one of the more popular trike models. It folds up to store in tiny spots or to be transported from one place to the other. It latches shut so there is no chance of opening when it needs to be folded and also stays open safely. There is a carrying handle making it easy to tote around on vacations or visits to relatives houses and it weights about 25 pounds. The frame of the trike is red and the seat is a bright blue. On the back between the wheels is a foot guard for passengers and it is bright yellow. This bike also is made in the pink style for girls. There are also other trikes in popular styles. One has the over sized front wheel and smaller back ones. Instead of plastic it is made of steel and will last for a very long time no mater how hard the child rides it. There are also bikes that double as strollers. These bikes have long handles for parents to hold on to but can still be propelled by petals operated by kids.

Radio Flyer also manufactures several two wheel models with training wheels. The Grow ‘N Go Bike will work for a two or three year old that wants a big kid bike. There is an adjustable clamp on this bike that allows it to adjust for the size of the child. There is also the Grow ‘N Go Lights and Sounds Bike which is about as high tech as Radio Flyer gets. There are lights that blink including turn signals and a device that will make a horn sound or play music while the child rides. This bike also can be adjusted to the size of the child and needs AA batteries for the lights and sound. It comes in the primary colors or pink.

Radio Flyer bikes began in the nineteen seventies and they are still being made to day. There are tricycles and bicycles with training wheels and made for young children. Then there are 10 inch bikes for older kids about 4 to 6 years of age. They come in primary colors, shades of pink, and some models still come in that popular red and white theme. They are all made of durable steel and made with safety in mind. It should be noted that all Radio Flyer Bikes do not have brakes. You have to use your feet to stop them so if you have a kid that likes to go fast and stop fast you may have to keep buying shoes. These bikes are actually not for kids that ride fast and hard, but for a beginner they are the best around.

There’s no time like now to start reviewing all of the different models of Bikes by Radio Flyer .

But, don’t miss to check out the famous Radio Flyer Classic Lights and Sound Trike either. You can’t go wrong with these bikes!

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