Safe Radiation Exposure Levels

Japanese officials insisted that the tiny amounts of radiation with traces were found in tap water aupply at Tokyo. Though it posed no immediate health threat, the situation at the Fukushima plant, appears to be coming under control after constant dousing of water to prevent spent fuel rods from overheating. However, there was no guarantee that the cooling systems would still work, even more than enough power was restored. Emergency teams using an unmanned vehicles to spray water targeting the most risky areas of the plant’s five reactors.

First signs of nuclear contamination from Japan’s quake crippled nuclear plant have seeped into the food chain. Tiny levels of radiation has found its way in spinach & milk from farms located from 20 miles (30 kilometers) to 75 miles (120 kilometers) from the reactors. Japanese officials try to calm the jittery public, saying the amounts detected were so tiny that people would must consume unimaginable amounts to endanger their health. Japan is struggling with an overwhelming chain of disasters prompted by the 9.0-magnitude shake. The shake spawned a tsunami that devastated Japan’s northeastern coast, killing over 7,700 people & knocking out cooling systems at the plant, prompting overheated reactors & fuel to leak radiation. Over 11,600 people are still missing, & over 452,000 are living in shelters.

Drinking the radiation spoiled milk for one year would consume as much radiation as in a CT scan, eating radiation attacked spinach, for a year would be 1/5th of a CT scan. A CT scan is a compressed series of X-rays used for medical tests. Below is a chart so that you can know how does it compare.

Radiation Exposure Level Chart

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