Mojo Portable Charger

These days we carry a lot of gadgets but the frustrating part of is holding a dead device when you really need to make a call or want to watch a movie when the battery is down halfway. Here comes Mojo from Portronics. Its a very useful cute and small charger that can also act as a flash light / SOS light. It also comes up with 7 different adapters to power up all kind of mobile devices.

The flash light is made up of a rubberized plastic with a powerful one watt LED flash. The torch is approximately five inches in length and is slightly less than an inch thick. It weights less than 100 grams and very easy to be carried around in a pocket. The torch carries a 2200 mAh battery. There is a power indicator on the front which also is the status indicator and below this is the power button.

Portronics has come out with a gem of a charger with the Mojo portable charger. At Rs.950, this is a very good value for money considering the fact that this is also a rechargeable torch. Those who love carrying lots of gadgets with them will simply love this device.

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