Overclocking Gigabyte G31-ES2L

Gigabyte G31-ES2L is a very good motherboard for those who plan to build a Hackintosh running Snow Leopard. Almost everything will work out of the box. It is good in overclocking too. No one who has gone right out and completely dismissed the GA0-G31M ES2L’s overclocking ability has never owned one. I have an Intel Core2Duo E7500 whose stock speed is 2.97 GHz and the Gigabyte ES2L and I run it currently at 3.3GHz (266 x 12.5) on stock volts (a 360 MHz overclock). This motherboard which is an excellent option for OSX86 or Hackintosh Mac  is lesss than 60 USD and is running low on stock and you can grab one at the amazon if you are lucky enough.

Buy Gigabyte Core 2 Quad/Intel G31/FSB1333/DDR2-800/A&V&GbE/Micro ATX Motherboard GA-G31M-ES2L

The only problem is it is not stable at an overclock more than 600MHz higher because it doesn’t allow setting the RAM multiplier and system voltage both to Manual at the same time in the BIOS. Also I think because it does not have NorthBridge and SouthBridge  cooling at  its best. If I run the RAM at something other than 800mhz or 1066mhz it becomes unstable, and if I put the voltage control on Auto it will put a ridiculous amount of voltage through the CPU. If you are fine with 3.3 GHz clock speed (on DDR2-1066) then it will suit you fine.

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