Outsourcing or Slavery

Slavery has not ended. It has just been given a new name. ‘Outsourcing’ – covered up with fancy terms such as job creation and on-site trips and other such perks in the outsourced location. Someone started it somewhere – that toxic poison bled through the veins of this country and made it hopelessly dependent on it like a narcotic drug. In its wake it consumed once green cities even nick named ‘Garden City’ like Bangalore to a pile of hopeless traffic snarls and mismanaged infrastructure. Add to that the Government incompetence which was just waiting for it. Culture changed, commerce changed, Engineering colleges became Human Resource suppliers and industry became a big god damned labor line.

How many Engineers truly Engineered something and not just became Issue Resolvers for Support Tickets ? Parents believed their children are achievers if they carried tags like Infosys, TCS etc with them and brought home cash which bought a car and flat. In the UK, Universities are rated on the basis of their research capacities and results. In India, they are rated on the basis of how many students get ‘placed’ in a company. They actually use this as an advertising number -‘98% placement’, ‘99% placement’. The chaps who do get recruited hardly know what Subversion or Tomcat means. They continue to be blinded by the MNC employers for another 6 years until they finally awake from the dream and realize they are actually being ruled by a bunch of robots hopeless sucking their blood dry to run their new Universe. At this point its either too late in their careers- they have a wife and kid, car and house loans etc or they have simply settled in that onsite long term country they were posted to. Those who do stay abroad spend the majority of their 20’s and early 30’s trying to keep their jobs safe in order to get that much awaited permanent resident ship abroad. What happens to these guys next is the wife, kids and loans back home part. They simply lost the guts to go it alone. Its too late – so the remaining simply set up a taxi business or something just to get out of the whole damned mess.

Tackling it at the roots (colleges) is a good idea. You teach them to think when they are young. Things will change. As a last note, I simply can’t believe the chaps here who still think that’s how the country is and its better that way. For them, I have no hope. Theirs are the brains overridden and consumed already.

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