Nokia NFC vs iPhone 5

The gossips that the brand new Apple iPhone will be revealed middle of this year has generated yet another wave of gossips and chats all across the Internet and proceeds to drag tech fanatics (like yours truly) into the band wagon of gadget chatter and ESP prophecies. Yet this time, tech experts will certainly need extra ESP to find out what Apple has in store or maybe hire a double agent to spy on Apple labs to at least get decent leak of information for the approaching iPhone successor.

NOkia NFC Features

We were in fact lucky with the present iPhone 4 as a result of the unprecedented unintended leak of an iPhone 4 prototype that was left by a partially drunk Apple engineer who took it out to be field tested. Unfortunately for him and thankfully for us, he got a bit too ecstatic on his birthday bash so after sending his last Facebook post via this proto type iPhone 4, it was the very last time he ever saw it. The next thing he realized, Gizmodo, a well known Internet site was ripping the Apple protype apart thinking that it was an iPhone from the future since its characteristics and design was very different from the current iPhone version at that time which was the 3GS.

After some tedious experiments, they finally figured that this phone was not a fake and it could as well be a prototype of the next gen of iPhones to be introduced. And it sure was. Also if Steve Jobs and company didn’t like that reality that Gizmodo kindda slaughtered the thrill of the official introduction of the iPhone 4, there was clearly nothing much that they could do except be extra watchful this time around.

As for the approaching iPhone 5, just what can we expect from Apple without a leaked prototype? Well, there are gossips that Apple will attempt to knock off Nokia’s NFC technology because so far, NFC or Near Field Communications is the direction of the future. With NFC technology in your cellular phone, you can use your Smartphone as if it had been a credit card. You can buy concert tickets in an instant by “tapping” your NFC supported phone to a poster of a concert you would love to see and you may reserve and buy seat tickets at that very second.

Insurance firms are now contemplating this possibility because they are additionally now starting to market iPhone 5 insurance in the United Kingdom. IPhone 5 insurance will likely have the same features of the current smart phone procedures but if Apple will compete with Nokia with the NFC technology, then a variation may occur. Today, if you need to find out about the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 insurance, you can currently have a glimpse; the official release will most likely be June or July of this year.

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