Nintendo BSOD Error on Ghost Recon

After much expectations, I bought my Aqua Blue 3DS at launch with ghost recon as my game of choice. Now it has gotten an error message for the second time. It’s when I have played ghost recon for about ten minutes, the screens go black and the bottom screen says “A problem has occurred, hold down the power button and restart the system. Contact your local support center if the problem persist”

Why do I bother to post up this message? Well, the same exact thing happened to me when I was playing another game – Super Monkey Ball 3D. I went to enter a level, and then the game freaked, which lead to the message above. I’m thinking this might be more of an issue with select pieces of software than the unit itself.

But my another friend who plays just every game i play to completion, and uses every feature i use, had no such crash. What I want to know now is does the crashing issue roots from the device itself or is it faulty game that are causing the problem?

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