My New Android Phone: Samsung GT i9000

Some of you might be knowing that I was looking for a phone replacement for my Sony Ericcson Vivaz as I am really bored of Symbian as a mobile phone OS, as Android looks very promising. I read reviews, tried using mid range – high end android phones currently available in India including makes from the stables of HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson. Here are some of the phones I checked out. Nokia was not in the list as Nokia embraces Symbian still and has no Android Phone. I checked out the N8 to see if Symbian has changed anything and I was little shoked to still see the click-menu system on the N8 which is nothing much different from the interface that was introduced on the Nokia 6600. On a touch phone, the OS interface has to be touch optimized like the Apple iOS and Android variants. Symbian still sticks to its menu based navigation and its really paining on a touch screen to pass through three menus to do anything.

On my new phone lookout, I was looking for three things – best in the class display, good reception, and Android. I checked out lot od Super LCD screens most of the new phones are embracing these days to the AMOLED and the new Super AMOLEDS from Samsung. Samsung supplies screens to other manufacturers and it is the absolute best in the display and their new SuperAMOLED is no exception. It has put the Super LCDs to shame. It is vivid, pitch black contrast and has excellent screen readability even in bright sunlight. So, I zeroed in on Super AMOLED as it simple bowled me out.

Now the phone choices become really few as there are not many phones out there having AMOLED screens. I checked out the Nokia AMOLEDs in the C6-01 and the N8 and they are not as good as the samsungs SUperAMOLED which is brilliant.

Now, the next criteria is the reception quality. So, went to a nearby showroom, and made few calls with the new Samsung phones and I faced no problems in WI-Fi, BT or 3G signal receptions. Looked out foe Android versions on the new samsung phones and they were running Android 2.2 which is OK as I wanted to flash it immediately to a custom Gingerbread 2.3 ROM the moment I get it home.

And finally, last week I bought the so-called “hacker phone” which has won the laurels among many as a very fast phone – the Samsung GT i9000 and changed my phone service from my Airtel 3G to BSNL 3G Mobile (Reasons here). I had the initial setting up and configurations to getting the i9000 to work the way I wanted it to. This isn’t meant to be a review, just random thoughts from your average user. till now the phone keeps me engaged always with its multitude of settings and it is really an awesome phone, the only downside being no flash on camera which wont bother me as I wont use it much.

Samsung GT i9000 is one of the best Android smartphones

I like the display on the Galaxy much better than the display on iphone 4. The Galaxy has a beautiful vibrant display and I love the way it looks. It’s big and bold and bright. The display looks lot better in the sunlight because of the AMOLEDs contrast ratio.

Currently I am running Darkys 9.5 Extreme Edition rooted ROM with EXT2 Lag Fixes and installed lot of applications and the phone is still fast. Below are few screens from the phone, but you have to see the gorgeous 4 inch Super AMOLED screen to feel the vibrancy of the display. So far, I am very happy with this phone and it is a much value for money purchase than the earlier phones I had. I would readily recommend to any advanced user.

Samsung i9000 HomeScreen Darkys Edition

Darkys Edition 9.5 Extreme Messaging, Contacts and Dialer

Darkys 9.5 - Gmail App File Explorer and Notepad Screens

MIUI Music Player running on Darky 9.5 ROM

Gallery, GTalk and Browser Windows

Benchmarking Quadrant Scores for Darky 9.5 ROM after all the Apps installed

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