Motorola Pro for business users

The touchscreen phone is quickly becoming the new must have accessory. After Apple brought out the iPhone many manufacturers are all starting to release their own version of the touchscreen technology. While some people love this new addition to their mobile phone it can become awkward for some users in particular business users who prefer to use the full QWERTY keypads.

Motorola Pro

If you are into trade shows and conferences then for mobile phone and gadget lovers the Mobile World Congress is a chance for you to get in there and see all the latest gadget offerings from the biggest manufacturers. Motorola are one big group to use this impressive stage to announce one of their newest phones the Motorola Pro. By using the conference they are able to get people talking about the new product which they are looking to get further into the smartphone market with.

The Motorola Pro, although a touchscreen phone, also has the advantage of a QWERTY keypad. The best way to explain is that it is very similar in look and feel to a BlackBerry. The keypad is a smaller than some of the new sliding screen phones but is still very useable. Business users who are wanting to upgrade their RIM BlackBerry’s are going to be also looking to consider the Motorola Pro as this definitely comes in this business user category.

Motorola Droid Pro

The Motorola Pro is equipped with a 1GHz processor which means that all your movements on the touchscreen are recorded, processed and you get the feedback as smoothly as you could want. The 8GB of memory is sufficient for most of the normal day to day use and can be expanded through all the normal routes. The Android platform allows user access to Google’s top apps such as the Google Latitude feature which allows you to instantly update your social profile to let people know where you are, and of course the indispensible Google Maps which let you view exactly where you are when you update everyone.

In terms of looks the Motorola has some issues and some users might find it not to their taste but the security features which come built into the phone are going to appeal to the business users IT departments especially with all the current hype about mobile phones being hacked. These security features are going to make business take note and even move away from the rival BlackBerry platforms as the Android operating system is much more user friendly.

Motorola Pro

After the success of the Motorola Milestone 2 which used the sliding screen function to hide the QWERTY keyboard, Motorola have tried to refine the use of the keyboard to increase the range so that there is a keypad to offer every user. The compact keyboard on the Pro is obviously going to appeal to BlackBerry users and the added security is going to make your IT guys happy if it’s for business use.

So if you want a new smartphone to replace the old faithful BlackBerry, want it on the Android operating system and your company wants it to be full of security rich tech then the new Motorola Pro is a great option to consider alongside any others. With all the usual camera, Bluetooth, Google contacts, and flash capability features is it going to be the next big phone for business, Motorola are hoping so.

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