Learn About The Xperia Play

There has been growing anticipation in the smartphone world as to the rumors that have been flying around Sony Ericsson and their X10 derived gaming handset that some have said will be just another over-hyped flop and others claiming it to be the future of mobile gaming. As of 13th February 2011 it is now official; the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has arrived and will be available for purchase as soon as March 2011. But will it be able to live up to the hype or will it just end up as a gimmicky waste of overactive imaginations and engineering?

Although most do not realize it, but this is a big risk for Sony Ericsson as prior smartphone hybrids that have attempted to follow the same path as the Xperia Play, such as the Nokia N-Gage, have only ended up as expensive mistakes with poor sales and harsh reviews. However, many experts have said that the timing of the release of Nokia’s N-Gage handset was poor and right now it seems that with the amazing popularity of downloadable smartphone applications and games, the time for releasing a gaming smartphone could not be better than it is at this moment in time.

Powering this machine is an important point to consider as with mobile gaming a strong foundation of hardware is needed before you even start optimizing games to be compatible. Luckily the Xperia Play looks like it will be able to compete with the top of the bunch in terms of frame rates and computing ability with its 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an embedded graphics processing unit made by the same company.

It is very common nowadays for smartphones to be manufactured with apparently very capable hardware components but in the end the operating system or user interface ruins the experience. Thankfully, Sony Ericsson has been working very closely with Google over the last year or so in creating the Xperia Play and ultimately it does not disappoint. As well as the superb gaming abilities of the Xperia Play, it also comes with a particularly notable 5MP camera.

To summarize, the Xperia Play is a very accomplished phone and an even better gaming platform. With its Playstation Certified credentials, it makes a worthy replacement for the Playstation Portable and even better, the games are much cheaper. There is not much on the market to compare it to but ultimately it seems that the Xperia Play may be the start of something big in terms of mobile gaming.

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