Laptop Battery Saving Tips

Getting the most from your laptop’s battery can be trying. While companies boast 5 to 6 hour run times, I’ve found this is rarely the case. Below are five tips to increase your laptop’s battery life that are perfect for travelers or anyone who uses their laptop on the road.

1. Drop the brightness to the lowest possible setting that you can endure: This can be really tough for me since editing photos at a low brightness setting is not ideal. Instead of editing, I will try to sort through pictures and then put them in a folder for editing later when I can plug in.

2. Unplug any USB device, like iPods or SD card readers, that you are not using: Nothing drains the laptop battery like having an iPod plugged in. Sometimes you are so used to plugging in card readers or other devices that it becomes second nature. When conserving battery power make sure your computer doesn’t have to work hard at anything else.

3. If not needed, turn off WiFi and/or Bluetooth: I always forget this one! The WiFi is always on and even though I’m not using the Internet at the time, it is still draining the power off the computer. Always remember to shut off the WiFi & Bluetooth so your computer isn’t working extra hard trying to find possible Internet connections.

4. Eject DVDs fro the disc drive: Have you ever fallen asleep watching a DVD movie only to find the disc days later in the drive spinning. Well, that spinning equals battery drain, so always make sure if you are trying to conserve your battery power, you eject any discs.

5. For short periods in between usage place your laptop into sleep: If you are going to be away from your laptop for a bit longer use the hibernate mode.

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