Kindle 3 E-Book Reader is Fantastic

Well it never feels hot in your hands, but it’s the hottest of its kind talking about the most sought after e-reading device around today. Since its release, from the older ones to the latest generation Kindle Reader, proudly labeled it as the most-wished for product, garnered the most 5 star reviews, and its bestseller for two years running. Reality is that it doesn’t happen daily.

Kindle 3 vs Kindle 2

At a glance it may just be another gadget. However for millions who are now reading on Kindle, it is truly outstanding. Sometimes we tend to judge the book by its cover. And most likely we conclude or misconceive that electronic products are all the same. Well not all e-reading devices are designed in the same style. Its creators have managed to put the element of the most advanced high-contrast Pearl Display to Kindle 3G so that its screen is nothing like that of a computer monitor. Putting aside technical jargons, its monitor has a paper-look quality in it simulating a real reading experience as on printed paper.

Advanced Pearl Display in Kindle 3

But it’s not all about that. There’s more to this slimmer and lighter reading gadget. If you believe that this is only for short durations of reading, it’s not. As a matter of fact, it is intended for long-time reading. Plus whatever positions you’d like (as expected), whether holding it with one hand or both, Kindle works perfectly fine. Its page-turning buttons are placed on both sides; that’s why you can just sit or lie or turn to either side while enjoying a gripping tale.

Sometimes we have this freaky little notion about new electronic thingies such as fussy installations and all that. Good news is Kindle wireless electronic reader is made uncomplicated for everyone. Forget about the usual all techie out-of-the-box experiences in getting a new electronic machine. It doesn’t require a processor, software install or wireless set up. It means to say that once the package is opened you can begin to delight on it. It now has both Wi-Fi and 3G functions then enjoy wireless connection anywhere- Qualities that allows you to discover, purchase and read books in less than 60 seconds. Take your pick from its very own Kindle Store with over 810,000 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs available, you can go ahead and splurge on.

You can treat it as a nice travel companion. After all you can have the pleasure of bringing along a neat portable library wherever, whenever. Bring thousands of books without any bulk. No more stuffing paperbacks in your suitcases. And gone are the days that you have to hesitantly leave a favorite novel just because bag is too tight already. No doubt, you’ve experienced this same story before.

When we talk about qualities an Electronic Book Reader has to have, you’ve found your jewel. Read on Kindle 3 device in broad daylight as in your bedroom, with no glare, eight adjustable font sizes, low book rates, faster and quieter page turns plus enhanced PDF reader and so on- Reasons why it leaves gigantic market names far behind.

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