Jaw Dropping Blackberry OS 6.0

The all new shining Blackberry OS 6.0 was revealed at WES 2010 with a new user interface and improved features to various functions such as email, messaging. No fixed date has been announced for the launch of the new Blackberry operating system although it is expected to be launched within three months. I am absolutely in love with the BlackBerry 6 user interface and app experience. It is so fluid, fun and approachable, yet extremely powerful. BlackBerry 6 will attract a lot of new users to the BlackBerry platform. Below are some screenshots if the new Blackberry OS 6.0

Blackberry OS 6.0 User Interface

Blackberry OS 6.0 User Interface

Blackberry OS 6.0 – Fast and Fluid

Blackberry OS 6.0 Interface

Video showcased at the WES launch.


For those of you who cannot wait that long a Blackberry OS 6.0 theme has been created called “I Dream of 6″. It is completely OS 6.0 inspired and the theme features fully customizable dock icons, wallpaper friendly, animated menus, custom icons and the developer has promised free upgrade when new icons and features are added.

I Dream of 6 – Blackberry OS 6.0 inspired theme

Blackberry OS 6.0 Inspired Theme

Blackberry OS 6.0 Devices

Blackberry OS 6.0 Devices

The new BB OS 6 theme is compatible with several devices which include the BlackBerry Storm2, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold (9700 and 9000), BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the BlackBerry Curve 8520. The downside is that the theme costs $4.99 to get the download.You can grab your “I Dream of 6” theme at the PocketBerry Store. Check it out today.

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