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Bloggery » January 26th, 2015

Jabra Solemate Mini BT Speaker

I wanted a speaker which I could instantly connect to and play on my laptop, mobile phone and ipod. The first priorities were great battery life, decent sound quality, chargeability over microusb thereby reducing one more charger to be carried around and ruggedness to take on the various environments where I might use it. Speakerphone facility would be an added advantage too but not a priority on my list of features.

I zeroed in on Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, JBL Charge 2 and Jabra Solemate Mini. The first two were instanly ruled out because of proprietary charging ports and second portability factor. I had a flexible budget and I had a tough time giving up on JBL charge because of the so many positive reviews I found on the web. Bu tI also found equally good reviews on the Jabra Solemate. Then one day, I visited a friend who had a Jabra solemate and had a chance to play it for an hour. Totally impressed with the portability factor and I came to know that the speaker has not been charged for a week still showing battery medium in spite of the fact that the speaker was in standby with couple of hours use throughout the week. Had a neat way to tuck in 3.5 mm jack at the bottom without losing it. had microusb charging. Ticked all my boxes including portability. Thats it.

Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Review

Ordered a red one and recieved it. Have used it for about 6 months now and I say it still meets all my expectations except one – Ruggedness. This speaker cannot withstand usage over time. Though I took care in using the speakers, the rubber part on the volume plus and minus buttons on the top gave off in a month (with average use) leaving the electronics exposed.This has affected the sound quality a lot as the thumping bass is no more thumping because the casing which acted as an enclosure is now damaged.

The entire body is made of children’s play dough like material which is rubbery to the touch and breaks off easily within few days of use. Especially the buttons on the top come off leaving a big hole on the top of the speaker spoiling the bass radiator performance. Now I have put a cardboard and tape to cover this hole otherwise all the bass escapes through this holes left by the torn off buttons working. For the price it demands, this poor quality material used for construction is a big no no. Don’t expect this speaker to last long!

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