Is the iPad 2 really an upgrade?

The iPad 2 has been featured a lot in the news, so almost of us know that it has been released. There is constantly a lot of media coverage of anything Apple do. Possibly it’s due to all the fan boys, or is it simply because Apple develops quality products? I would propose it could be one or the other, speaking as a neutral in this. Twelve months separate the launch dates of the iPad and now the iPad 2. The one question that goes into virtually all people’s minds is ‘is it worth buying the new iPad2, and that is the question I will attempt to answer in this mini-review.

The first thing to notice with the iPad 2 is the reduction in size. The iPad 2’s screen size has stayed the same at a pleasant 9.7 inches; however, the thickness of this newer model has been reduced by 33% of the original size, which of course is a nice thing. At 600 grams, the iPad 2 is lighter than the original iPad. Not heavy the least bit. These changes are touchable as I observed by holding the iPad and iPad 2. Don’t think a slimmer and less heavy design means the function is affected, because boy oh boy would you be wrong…

In comparison to the original iPad, the iPad 2 is faster. First, Apple brags that its graphics processor is nine times quicker than the original iPad. This is a considerable advancement if we take that as read. The reason for this progress is for demanding games and the camera, which we’ll talk about before long. The processor is also much quicker, as Apple have upgraded from the old A4 chip to an A5 chip. The reason that it is rapid is because the iPad 2 features a dual core A5 processing chip. The speed was one thing I was alert of when using several functions. Loading time is faster and I notice this when using the web and video functions on both the original iPad and iPad 2.

The iPad 2 now comes with two cameras. The first camera is on the front and the other camera is on the rear side. This is a significant move as the first iPad didn’t come with camera the least bit and this may be crucial to you. There is a difference in that one of the cameras can record in 720p HD. FaceTime and PhotoBooth are two new additions to the iPad which allow you to make video calls and snap great pics, respectively. The front camera positions you face-to-face when video calling using FaceTime whereas the iPad’s back camera gives a view of your surroundings.

Upgrading from the iPad to the iPad 2 is, I would suppose, for those who feel the need for the faster processors and have money. Even though the upgrades are an improvement, it’s nothing significant, apart from maybe the camera which is a brand new inclusion.

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