iPhone 5 features NFC

Forbes reported back on the 14th of March that no NFC technology would come with the iPhone 5. The reason cited at the time was said to be the lack of clear standards for implementation of NFC technology. This made me think that biggies like Nokia, Apple would need to step in and try to create NFC technology standards soon so that the same can be implemented in their products to benefit people. I think all of us know that with the success of the iPhone 4 people that if NFC will be implemented in iPhone 5 it will likely be the most popular NFC capable smartphone out there.

iPhone 5 – An Artists Conception

iPhone 5 An Artist's Conception

But now, Forbes is reporting that a new source is telling them that the iPhone 5 may indeed have NFC. This is not a surprise to me as I would be more surprised if Apple skips NFC when Google and plenty of of the major credit card companies pushing hard for implementing NFC payments. Once NFC payment technology becomes mass market, consumers can pay for things with accounts linked to their smartphone and use NFC to get more details on products equipped with the tech on their store displays. NFC technology on store displays is fascinating because it would let shoppers access video and more details on movies or products right from their smartphones. Nokia is also gearing up for its implementation of NFC.

iPhone 5 will push NFC to the mainstream market

How NFC works

The speculation on the iPhone 5 is high and it is expected to debut sometime this year. All sorts of rumors are going around like a bigger and higher resolution screen to a powerful dual-core processor. They will must wait until Steve steps on stage and pulls out iPhone 5 out of his pocket or at least until some careless iPhone 5 tester at Apple leaves it behind at a bar.

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