iPad for Beginners

In April 2010, millions iPod and iPhone fans alike were waiting in massive lines just waiting to get their hands on Apple’s latest electronic marvel. They had heard news and rumors about the iPad for months and, like many Apple products before it the wait only served to boost the product’s popularity.

An iPad is “Apple made”, the same cutting edge company behind Macs and iPods. This very small handheld device, weighing about 25 ounces, was made for people who regularly use their laptop for work or fun and need something a little more convenient to carry around. The Apple iPad was first released in April 2010 and gives millions of people easier access to the internet and most any type of electronic document they would ever need.

iPad for Beginners - iPad vs iPad2

With the iPad, you can access not only your favorite websites on the web, but movies, and email services as well. You can sync it with your computer to upload large amounts of information that you may need to carry around with you for work or pleasure purposes. This is why the iPad is so popular: it’s convenient, user friendly and makes work on the go a little lighter!

The iPad is also great for recreational use. Though it’s not small enough to fit in your pocket, you can listen to music on the go, watch movies and show off your best pictures with just a small slide or tap of your finger! This makes it nearly irresistible to gamers! No matter what your interest, chances are that there is an application-many of which are free-for the iPad that might make it all the more enticing to you!

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