iPad 2 sold out in UK

iPad 2 has sold out in the UK and new stock will not be available for a few more weeks now. The Daily Mail says that in just less than 24 hours, all iPad 2′s were sold out. Few other non Apple stores still have a few left here and there. If you want to still get your hands on one in the UK, check the likes of Argos through the morning. Occasionally, a particular model would be available for next day or 2 day delivery. Other than that, most places in UK have little or no stock.

It is not yet confirmed how many iPad 2 units were sold in the UK, or across Europe for that matter. We may expect a press release from Apple in the next few weeks telling us they broke the last years iPad sales volume.  If you still want to buy an iPad 2, your best option is to call up an official reseller, or try order online websites where it is available right now.

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