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Internet explorer or IE9 got an official updated to version 9.0 today. The sad thing is it can be run only on Windows Seven and not on XP. IE9 primarily sets its focus on two new things – High levels of Standards Compliance and superior performance. It is unlike IE8 which is a failure in terms of speed. IE9 is blazing fast and super cool.

IE9 New Tab View

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) totally changes the way IE used to work. This browser is totally unforgiving when it comes to rendering web pages. So web pages has to be neatly coded in strict accordance with W3C standards in order to be rendered properly in Internet Explorer 9. It only means we will really have a beautiful web experience and neatly coded web applications going forward.

IE9 rendering

Internet Explorer 9 is designed for HTML5 coding standards. IE9 mobile version will be launched to go in hand with the Windows Seven mobile soon this year which will also use much of the same rendering technology to ensure a consistent web experience for the users and programming experience for the coders.

1. It’s Screaming Fast

If you haven’t seen the demo that Microsoft has been using to show off the speed of IE9, then head over here to fiddle around with some digital tropical fish, and you’ll get an idea of the speed improvements to IE9.

2. It’s Strict HTML 5

Microsoft is getting behind HTML5 in a big way, so much so that there’s a collection of over 1,000 partner websites that show off the capabilities of HTML5, from the likes of National Rail, CNN, ESPN, FilmFour and heaps more. To take a look at the test sites, and push your new browser to the max, head here.

3. It uses your computers Graphics/p>

IE9 is built to use the capabilities of your PC, meaning that it will lean on your PC’s GPU to prop up and speed up rendering of pages and make video nippier too.

4. It’s safer and more secure

An NSS labs report has found that when it comes to malware, IE9 blocks 95%. Add in Microsoft’s download manager (which automatically virus checks downloads) and that’s upped to 99%.

5. Page previews with audio playback

When you pin a website to your taskbar you’ll be able to hover over the pinned site, which will bring up a large thumbnail of the page, which in some cases will contain audio and playback controls. There aren’t any large streaming or music providers in the UK signed up to the service, but Microsoft says it is “working with a number of them right now”. At the moment you’ll be able to use the feature on some websites, but all it takes is a little bit of extra code from the developers to implement this feature.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Download

Lets welcome IE9 with great joy.

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