IE9 Growth Catching Up Fast

In just over four weeks of time from the launch, Microsoft’s New Internet Explorer 9 has already grabbed more than 3.5% of usage share on Windows 7 by end of March, an adoption rate that is 4 times higher than that of its previous version IE8. Microsoft hasn’t begun a major push for its latest browser, with the date for the massive roll out of the new program to computers by Windows Update being pushed back several months to late June.

IE9 Growing Fast

Posting to the Windows Team blog, Ryan Gavin Senior Director, Web Explorer notes that 90% of the downloads the company registered were from third-party browsers or older versions of the browsing program, with the remaining 10% upgrading from the Web Explorer 9 Release Candidate or Beta. Originally, the company promised to push out IE9 on the 21st of March, but that date slipped by with Microsoft only days later acknowledging that the given day was wrong.

Perhaps the most fascinating statistic is that over a quarter of those downloads originated from either Chrome or Firefox, although it does not take in to consideration whether the program was installed and launched. Trying to coax Web Explorer users on older operating systems, those using IE6, Microsoft is still championing its website, attracting considerable interest in the system. Microsoft has recorded 1.1 million distinctive visitors and very 2 million page views, partnering with over 400 companies and sites to help users make the switch.

It appears to be paying off, slowly – Net Applications tracked the usage share of the elderly browser, showing that it dropping another 0.43 points to 11.58% worldwide across all operating systems.

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