iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G Review

I recently purchased this iBerry Auxus CoreX23G Android tablet for my aunt from eBay during their introductory launch price of INR 10990. I compared it to Karbonn tablets and decided on it because of superior hardware and screen resolution, though the price is higher. I was one of the first few customers to get it delivered and I must say the device is quite pricey for the specs. But the device is very suited for day to day use and the build quality justifies the price. Two important drawbacks i noticed immediately was that the speaker sound is so poor that it definitely needs an external speaker to hear anything. The sound on the headphones is good though. And the rear camera is very bad. Though it says 2Mp you cannot use it to shoot anything as it ghosts a lot and you cannot take any pic without ghosting. So, better forget that there is a secondary camera. The front camera is a decent VGA quality camera that does well in Skype calls.

iBerry Auxus Core X2 3G review

Over all, the tablet is good other that the above two drawbacks I specified. The screen resolution is 1280×800 as specified which really boosts the PPI (pixel intensity) and also the MALI 400 GPU can easily play 720p and 1080p movies. I got a free pouch and screen-guard along with the offer. I also got a stylus (cheap Chinese make) but the stylus is worthless which I am aware off as no screen without a digitizer (like note 2) will offer precise stylus inputs on capacitive screens.

I also tested the 2G/3G data and voice calling capabilities of the tablet with an Airtel SIM and t did well in my tests. It does come with Android Jellybean out of the box and the battery lasts for 9-10 hours on usage over Wi-Fi and not using mobile network, but it may vary over 3G network. My recommendation is go for the tablet if your main intention is browsing / gaming / video calls. Also get a Bluetooth speaker to take care of sound. A well built good looking 7 inch tablet though the price is a little higher, it can be definitely used as a day to day tablet mainly because of the screen resolution and responsive GPU.

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