How to Watch HDR on non HDR TV or Monitor

Do not worry if you have downloaded 4K HDR content but you have a non HDR TV or monitor and the colors looked pale or washed away when you play the HDR content on your non HDR monitor. Using these tweaks, you can play the HDR content on a non HDR 4K TV or Monitor.

  1. Install MadVR latest version
  2. Install PotPlayer or MPC-BE or MPC HC- Latest  version
  3. In the LAV Filter Video Setup, select Video renderer as MADVR. Click on the MADVR settings and select its properties to correspond to your display characteristics.

Without the above tweakings, on non-HDR display, HDR content will look very DULL like the image on the right (almost like a grey black and white movie or colors washed away or greyed out). However, the above tweak will give you a lots better quality than a BT709 rip on a non-HDR 4K monitor almost similiar to the one on the left. BUT REMEMBER YOU WILL NEVER GET THE SAME SUPERIOR QUALITY OF A TRUE HDR10 TV because only HDR10 TV can show nits from 0.0005 to 1000, which is required for best viewing of this rip. Normal Non-HDR 4K TV are limited to around 300 to 400 nits in the best cases and non 4K monitor & TV are limited to max 200 nits. Please test your setup with a 4K HDR sample to see the difference.

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