Homemade Facials with Oatmeal

A majority of individuals who are specialists with homeopathic skin care suggest putting oatmeal to use as one of your primary ingredients because oatmeal can be used to soak up excess oil, to exfoliate the skin and to deliver moisture to the skin on your face. Why spend money when you can make it at home. The additional of oatmeal in facials is not the latest thing. There are various homemade facials out there which you can apply to cause your skin to look and feel better. There are lots of homemade facial recipes to choose from. Most of them are very easy to make and take only a few minutes to stir up. If you are interested in homemade oatmeal facials, keep reading to learn some recipes that you can use!

Try mixing together a tablespoon of oatmeal powder, the white of one egg, and a few drops of lemon oil. Lemon oil is sold at most homeopathic stores or you can check the organic section of your grocery store. Oatmeal powder can be made by smashing oatmeal that you have on hand. Be sure not to use the instant cook kind, though. Be sure to mix the ingredients together completely, especially important since you’re using egg in this mixture. Taking care to avoid your eyes, spread the mixture on your face. Leave on your face until it is dry, about twenty minutes. Once dry, use water and a soft washcloth to wash it off.

Pulverize some oatmeal in your blender or food processor. In an isolated container, mingle a couple of tablespoons of honey with a quarter cup of plain yogurt of buttermilk. Combine this “wet” mixture with your “dry” mixture and blend together until you have created a substance. Daub the mixture all over your face with your fingers. Be careful to avoid your eyes and the areas near them due to this skin being rather sensitive, even when it comes to natural ingredients. Let the substance stay on your face for approximately fifteen minutes, give or take, it starts to dry out. Put clean and warm water to use for washing the paste off your face. If you have any extra, put it aside in the fridge for tomorrow (although, don’t put it in there for more than a day). This fusion is kind enough that you can utilize it on a daily basis if you so desire.This next recipe includes yogurt and cooked oats. Be sure that you mash the cooked oats as you mix the ingredients together. Don’t apply this to your skin before making sure the oats have been completely broken down. To thin the mixture if it is too thick simply add more yogurt or some milk. Let this mixture sit after spreading on the skin but avoiding eyes for just a few minutes. After you’ve allowed the mask to dry use warm water to remove and pat dry. After you’ve completed these steps follow with a good moisturizer.This next idea consists of one third cup of oatmeal mixed with one half cup of hot water. Set the oatmeal to the side and give it time to thicken up. While you are waiting for it to thicken, mix together a couple tablespoons of plain yogurt, a couple tablespoons of honey and a single egg white. Make sure you stir it really well to make sure the egg gets mixed in completely. Add in the thickened oatmeal. Use your fingers to spread the thickened and well mixed mixture onto your face (avoid your eyes). Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes or until your skin tightens and the mixture dries. After a sufficient amount of time has passed, rinse the facial off with warm water-either in the shower or with a wash cloth.Combine a fourth cup of oatmeal, a fourth cup of almonds, a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of chamomile flowers (or a tablespoon of chamomile flower tea). Use a blender or a food processor to blend these ingredients together then store mixture in glass jars. To use, place a couple teaspoons of the mixture on your hand and form a paste with a bit of water. Then spread on your face in circular motions using your fingers. Be sure to avoid your eyes, then rinse your face with warm water and a fresh washcloth.

The following recipe is great for especially dry skin. Begin by massaging your face with a tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Next mash a ripe banana with a couple ounces of plain yogurt and apply. Be sure to spread evenly but not into the eyes. Let sit for up to 30 minutes and rinse with clean warm water.

There are lots of great ways that you can improve the condition of your skin with oatmeal. Oatmeal is highly recommended for homemade facials by many skin care specialists. There are thousands of facial recipes out there and the ones discussed above are just the beginning.

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