How to know when your Twitter friends are online?

Tweroid is a wonderful app that takes the magical ability of Twitter to produce instantaneous results and information. It is very important to know when your twitter friends are online because a tweet stays a very little while even when it is re-tweeted. So you have to make sure that you are actually sending out tweets when they are most likely to be read. Tweriod looks at times when the people who follow you are active, judging by their activity and provides you a graph that shows when they are most likely to be active on twitter reading tweets and tweeting.

To get this functionality, you have to give access credentials of your Twitter account to Tweriod. Tweriod then starts finding out when your Twitter followers are most active, and will send you a mail when it has gathered enough information. So, how do the results look like. It looks like below. Sounds great to me.

You can break down the graph into weeks and months. You can break down to such an extent like how many re-tweets happened during a certain hour of the day. Tweroid can sound like handy information for normal users, but for businesses it will sound like a goldmine. Though Twitter is a  a round the clock platform, advertising your “offer of the day”, is best done when you know for sure that the audience is active. So, why wait? Give Tweroid a try.

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