How to Install Smartcover on iPad 1?

Apple has moved away from the bulky iPad case that the original iPad 1 used. Now Apple has introduced a new cover for the iPad 2 which Apple is calling a smart cover. But just like any other iPad cover, it is an accessory designed to simply protect the iPad’s glass display. The difference between the original iPad 1 cover and the new iPad smartcover is that the latter does not protect the iPad’s sturdy aluminum rear panel. The cover is held at its place with magnets and will do all the things that the case did, including functioning as a stand so that the iPad can be tilted either ways to facilitate its use in portrait as well as in landscape mode.

iPad 1 Smartcover

If you saw fancy after the latest iPad 2 smartcover but own an iPad 1, you have a way to use the iPad2 smartcover on your original iPad instead of buying a new iPad 2. One blogger named Dan Provost has done this mod by super gluing a few rareearth magnets to the side of the iPad 1. The new smartcover can now attach quite nicely right along this magnets just like how it does on the iPad 2. It may sound little hacky or moddy depending on whether you mind having a few magnets super clinging to a your iPad. Since the new smartcover is just magnets and fabric, it should just work as fine as it works on the iPad 2. For detailed instructions on how to do this DIY iPad 1 Smartcover, visit Provost’s blog.

If you want to avoid this trouble, you can still buy cases available for the iPad 1 that can do all things that the iPad 2 smartcover thingy can do.

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