How to Hack Yahoo Passwords

I received an email stating an easy way to hack into Yahoo in my mailbox. If you have also received the information please read this before doing anything. The email states that it is a trick to get you to mail your username and password to some emailbox. Here is the mail.

“Here is the Marvelous way of getting the YAHOO PASSWORDS of any of our friends SECRETLY & that to within 10 Minutes. The Best thing is that no one in the world can know that you have gotten the password of some other person (Unless you tell them by yourself) & also it is so easy that even a child can do it. All this in less than 10 minutes. Want to tease your friends by looking into their Yahoo! mail accounts Want to tease your friends by defacing their homepages or any other reason. Whatever may be the reason, here is the FOOL PROOF WAY for hacking the Yahoo! email account password…! After 100s of attempts of trying to find out the mechanism in which Yahoo! Server recovers the password, I have finally come to the Concrete Method.

You must have a Yahoo! email account. If you do not have, create the one at Once created, Login using your account.

I assume you have logged in. Now, click on “Compose” on the left hand frame. In To: , type [ XXXXXXXXXX (I hid the original id intentionally) | at | ]. This is the email account to which Yahoo! sends email when you request for lost password. In the subject, type: recov_request. In the body, type this EXACTLY AS IT IS , better copy-paste it.


Replace ‘VICTIM_USERNAME’ with the username of the person whose account you want to hack. Replace ‘YOUR_USERNAME’ with the username from which you logged on and ‘YOUR_PASSWORD’ with your account password from which you logged on. This is needed by Yahoo! for the account authentication and it assumes that this is the details of Yahoo Staff.

Click Send. You will get the password within 2 min to 2 hrs, depending on the load on the server. (I got it on next day! BUT AT LEAST I GOT IT !!!) This is a fully tested method. But please, do not expect any support. I can just tell you that IT SHOULD WORK


WAIT. Now Whats wrong with this email?

Is this a real hack? So out of curiosity you wanna check. Right? Well Ever heard of a cat dying coz of curiosity! Now i want you to note this Link which you are supposed to be sending.


You still don’t get it? You are sending your USERNAME and PASSWORD to some email address which is supposed to be Yahoo’s. Now firstly Yahoo does not operate like that. And secondly when you go to, you get to see this, Cant decide? Well look at the profile stats on the top left. The last updated time is 05/11/2004 . You really think Yahoo runs in such a sloppy manner? This is just one more way to mine your Username and Password. Please dont fall for it. Some persons won’t even realise that their email id is compromised. If you are one of the persons who sent a mail to that address please change your password immediately to protect your account.

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