How to choose the best new smartphone for you?

Are you planning to buy the best smartphone of 2011 but don’t know how to choose? The only way to identify the best smartphone you could buy is through side-by-side comparisons, reading in depth reviews and articles about each smartphone, compare features, prices and browse screenshots of smartphones. In this blog itself, you can find reviews about smartphones and smartphone applications. This article will help you make the most informed decision as to which smartphone is the best and right choice for you in 2011.

Best Smartphone 2011 Checklist

You are living in interesting times of smartphones.What does smartphone mean? It means the phone has more and more powerful as hardware and software is scaled up on them. Going Forth in future, expect mobile devices to be selling faster than desktops. So you really need to make an informed decision before shelling out your money. Eventually everyone will have one the guy in tin hats.

How to select the best smartphone for you?

One element in any choice has to be hardware. How big is the screen you wany? How good is the camera and video quality you expect? How fast is the processor you need? It is very important to decide the hardware because the hardware ultimately decides what the phone can do and you have to plan future-proof in it before spending your money.

On the software side you need to check what applications are available for the phone you choose. You may want great business software like Office, you might want great games or movie viewing apps. Most of the best apps are supplied by independent developers rather then the phone manufacturer. To get the phone that is right for you, you need to check out what apps will work with which phones. For that you need to know what operating system your smartphone runs so that you can find applications developed for that particular operating system.

Do you need a smartphone with a QWERTY Keyboard?

For few people, texting is one of the most important things they do with their phone. Are you one among them. If YES, then a qwerty keyboard is a must to you for those speedy email replies, tweets or data entry. “Touchscreen only” phones offer virtual keyboards which are nowhere compared to the dedicated QWERTY in the speed of date entry and tactile feel. Slide out qwerty keyboards offer the biggest keyboards but the downside is these keyboards make your phone a bit fatter than touchscreen phones. Blackberry style physical keyboards are also great for entering data or text messages fast. You just need just a couple of good fingers! They are wider but thinner than slide out QWERTY keyboard phones. You need to check them out in chops before deciding which suits you best.

Do you use your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Most of the  3G / 4G phones can act as a Wi-Fi hotspot and hook up to any Wi-Fi device so that it can use the data connection of the phone. This means you can use your phone to stream music to music player, video to TVs, documents to printers and so on. Listening to Internet radio with a Wi-Fi music player is the most popular reason for people using this.

Decide Your Phone Operating Systems

Operating systems decide how the phone interacts with the user and the user interface, organizing applications, etc. You should have a basic idea of which phone has what OS, otherwise you should not be shopping for a smartphone on your own and should take someones help. The OS of a phone determines what apps a phone can offer you. If you choose a smartphone that does not have many applications for its operating system or one that runs an older version of the OS, then you will be in trouble.

Different types of Operating Systems

iPhone uses Apple’s iOS and has more application available via its Store than any other OS in the world- around 300,000. iPhones operating system is very polished, controlled closely by apple and has a regulation on what applications should enter your phone but that takes the hassle from many users as any application to be available in the Apple Appstore has to pass through Apple’s stringent tests for quality. But the downside is you cannot tweak the phone the way you want.

The Android Operating System is used by top smartphones like HTC Hero and Samsung Vibrant. It was developed by Google and, while  Android has far fewer apps than Apple, it is still a very impressive collection at 100,000. Android is big for business as well as fun. Worldwide, phones running Android outsold all other OS’s in the last quarter of 2010 with nearly 33 million sales. Apple sold 16 million phones.

Blackberry OS has some of the best business apps available. It covers the bases on social networking and recreation too but don’t except apps for things like carp fishing, snowboarding or casting love spells.

Microsoft created a completely new OS for the Windows 7 mobile and when it was launched mid 2010 it caused a stir. Business applications dominate and the development of the cloud will determine its future.

Nokia uses the Symbian OS. Nokia is the number one seller of phones world wide but has lost its way in the US market in the last couple of  years, It offers far fewer apps than its rivals but Nokia hardware is top quality and affordable. Nokia’s recent deal with Microsoft will mean  Symbian will soon be replaced by Windows 7 OS on Nokia Phones.

Start Comparing

iPhone 4, Motorola Atrix, HTC EVO Android Phone, Samsung Epic 4G, The Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X are some good phones to help you start with. Having the above discussed points in mind, compate specifications of these phones at gsmarena and read reviews and I am sure you will choose the best new smartphone for you correctly.

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