Honda Civic vs Toyota Prius

No matter what brand you choose, all Hybrid Automobiles are green. When it comes to environment friendly cars, Toyota’s Prius and Honda’s Civic Hybrid Vehicles are the market leaders. Both of these are good representatives designating Honda vs Toyota in the hydrid car wars. The Honda Civic and Toyota Pruis have almost same price and overall size but possess characteristics that will appeal to different commutes and uses. In this article we will run down the cars features to decide which car may suit you.

Toyota Prius vs Honda Civic Hybrid

If your goal in mind is to simply buy the most fuel efficient hybrid available, then the Toyota Prius is your car. It can give 45+ mpg in city driving. While the Toyota can give 50+ mpg in highways, Toyota’s dedicated Prius hybrid has the potential to crunch miles per gallon figures in stop-go city driving that the Civic simply can’t match. The Prius is also a funky styled car, which is unique and to some it means a futuristic interior and exterior styling.

On the other hand, based on a standard Civic platform, the Honda Civic Hybrid has the subtlety advantage, with only minor styling differences compared to a normal Civic. Also it has the same cabin and dashboard controls as the standard Civic.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Start from scratch, the Toyota Prius was designed to be a Hybrid Car and hence the Prius is more versatile and accommodating for cargo. Components like the battery pack are optimally located, providing a usable cargo hatch plus fold-down rear seats in the Pruis. It can even hold skis and snowboards with 1/3 of the rear seat folded. If you often travel extensively carrying boxes, ChartPacs, etc, the large trunk of the Pruis usually suffices, especially with the seats folded capacity is enormious. The Civic loses some points for its lack of a folding rear seat, which was eliminated because room was needed to pack in the hybrid’s battery pack in the standard Civic design.

Toyota Prius

If your prime concern is maximum interior space and efficiency, the Prius is the way to go. The larger cabin of the Prius benefits backseat passengers, and its cargo area is bigger, too. I also found the Prius’ overall driving experience more pleasing than the Civic’s. The Toyota has comfortable front seats and a capable hybrid powertrain, and it also has a better braking feel than the Civic.

The Prius does have some small blindspot related issues. The car being a hatch its A-pillars are rather very forward, and they can get in the way when checking for traffic at an intersection. The split-glass design of the liftgate can also block your view of cars behind.

I like both cars and you really can’t lose with either one, but I say buy the Prius. It’s a larger car than the Civic with better cargo capacity – plus you sit about six inches higher for better visibility. It also gets better mpg and can go more than a mile on electric power only, a feat that can’t be matched by the Civic’s less sophisticated hybrid system.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Both Honda and Toyota have been in the hybrid game for a long time so you’re not going to be part of anyone’s testing program. The main thing is that you’re doing something for the environment!

Also you can check out the US department of energy website as they are conducting accelerated durability tests on hybrids. They include service costs and other parts etc. Even the batteries are no issue. Basically meant to last the life of the car.

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