Green Cars Under 25000 Dollars

A lot of money can be saved by driving a car with great mileage. Dependency on foreign oil means that the price of gas is prone to fluctuate based on supply and demand. Another benefit of driving a greener car is saving the environment; the ozone layer is being slowly depleted by all the gasses our vehicles emit into the atmosphere. You may think that these green cars cost a fortune but they actually don’t. Here is a list of a few cars that are not only efficient but also surprisingly affordable.

One hybrid that almost everyone is familiar with is the Toyota Prius. This vehicle is also popular with many celebrities; Cameron Diaz and Leonardo Dicaprio have been photographed driving one. It runs on an electric engine with 134 hp and a four cylinder 1.8 traditional engine. There are three different driving modes the driver can select from; Eco, Power and EV. MSRP is around twenty thousand dollars.

Honda Civic’s are known for their reliability and affordability and the hybrid version is no different except for its unique powertrain. It is powered by both a four cylinder engine that works together with an electric motor. Idle-stop is utilized which shuts off the gasoline engine when it’s not being used; an intuitive system that saves a lot of gas. The Civic Hybrid qualifies as an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission vehicle due to its low emissions and comes with a fifteen year or 150k mile warranty on emission parts. This compact vehicle is priced to sell at around twenty four thousand bucks.

If you thought the Fiesta was a hit, the Super Fuel Economy package increases mileage. When you hit the freeway this ride can hit almost forty miles per gallon! Those are sweet numbers that are sure to save you plenty of bucks.. Ford Motor’s intuitive Sync system can be installed which allows for seamless Bluetooth integration and the ability to control various functions by using your voice. That way you don’t have to fiddle with buttons or use your cell when driving (which is illegal in many states). Ford Palm Springs has a large selection of vehicles for sale in Palm Springs and Riverside.

If you are considering a green vehicle then any of the cars above would make a good choice. Not only are these cars efficient, they are also quite reasonably priced!

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