Are GPS navigation devices dangerous?

GPS (global positioning service) navigation gadgets are instruments which make use of GPS signals to find out their current location in the world. GPS instruments commonly provide longitude, latitude, and in some cases height data. GPS tools are used in a surfeit of fields, including aviation, armed forces and consumer products. Many instruments have supplementary features, for instance maps and text to speech features. The most common employed devices by end consumers are dedicated GPS devices, also referred to as navigation devices. Typically these devices are used in motorcars, so they’re titled “automotive navigation systems”.

Automotive navigation systems are often satellite based platforms (they typically use GPS solutions) designed to be used in cars, trucks and automobiles. Commonly, a GPS navigation tool is utilized to determine the current position. This position will be mapped to a road in the device’s database. By using the road database, the unit can give directives to several other locations (Addresses) along paths which are also in its database. As GPS tools grew to become ever more popular, a variety of road accidents happen to have been attributed to misdirections given by GPS navigation systems. In May 2007 in England, a driver followed a navigation systems’ instructions and was hit by a train on a rail crossing. In Hampshire, a warning sign was established by the Local Board, warning drivers to disregard their satellite navigation device and take another route because the roadway would have been to narrow for most vehicles.

In 2009, a man drove along a steep mountain trail and nearly fell off a overhang due to being redirected there by his GPS system. He was stopped by the hurdle. Also in 2009, a woman suddenly changed directions in a tunnel on a road for the reason that her navigation gadget told her so. In England, trucks using navigation devices cause hundreds of “ramming a railway bridge” type of accidents a year.

As navigation gadgets cause ever more twists of fate, public voices are getting louder and louder for laws that make navigation devices save and prohibit them from giving “illegal advice” to its users.

Notwithstanding, it has to be considered that all navigation tool triggered mishaps are frequently originating from a lack of common sense.

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