GPS Car Tracking

By installing a GPS car tracking system, you can gain the ability to follow the check the location or follow the movements of a vehicle that has the device installed. Real time GPS monitoring and passive monitoring are the two essential types of tracking devices that are available.

Passive devices simply keep a log of the vehicles status, direction and speed, which are saved to a memory chip. These can be retrieved at some later time and used to analyse and monitor the driver’s performance or to optimise a vehicles route.

Using a satellite link to the global positioning system database, real time devices can signal the location of the vehicle every five minutes. This information can be accessed by the user via the internet. It provides accurate positional data for any automobile that has had the relaying device installed.

There are a wide variety of uses for which these GPS trackers can be used.

2. Security businesses can verify the location of staff and their corporate vehicles, perfect for companies in that banking and financial industry.

2. To manage fleet vehicles, vans, lorries, buses and cars, including couriers, taxis and ambulances.

3. Rental Car monitoring, checking on mileage and location of rented cars for pickup.

4. Perfect for use for courier delivery because they enable both companies and customers to monitor the deliver of parcels.

5. Tacking the movements of personal vehicles and aiding in their recovery when stolen.

6. Sales personnel or insurers to track locations and mileage.

7. And position of critical response teams such as rescue, medial or security teams.

There is also the possibility of connecting a “help or panic” button to the system, which will send out an alert if there is a sudden problem, break down or security breach, thus initiating a response team.

Passive systems offer less responsiveness and work best for recording the journey of the vehicle over the course of daily or weekly trips. The log speed, time and direction, but the data remains inaccessible until after the retrieval of the memory chip.

Both forms of GPS tracking devices are employed for covert surveillance work in which it becomes necessary to monitor the movement of a vehicle, or for monitoring company statistics and performance. Each system type is compact and unobtrusive which means that they can all be concealed with ease, whether in the body of the car or beneath it. The devices are traceable through a cell phone call and then the device will relay its broadcasting location.

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