Solving GoDaddy 302 redirects to XXXX folder

I would like to share with you the problem which I faced with GoDaddy some time back when I upgraded my hosting account from their Economy to Deluxe hosting as a result of which they moved my files to a faster server. It started one day that when I checked my sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, it gave an error message as posted below saying that my sitemap is a HTML file, but when I checked it is actually the correct XML file.

GoDaddy 302 Redirect Solution

So when I used header checker tools like to check whats going on, I was shocked to see that GoDaddy redirecting all my requests like this 302-302-200 redirect response instead of giving a direct 200 Ok response. It happened for all pages hosted on the server. Requests for any URL are being 302 redirected to some crazy folder. For example, when I checked it automatically redirects to where xxxxx is a string of characters that keeps changing every time. All the visitors to my site were able to browse the site normally but on the background the server was actually doing a 302 redirect which was not OK in googlebots wyes and it throws an error. It also reduced my rankings in the search engine for the same keywords for which I used to rank better previously. I suspected a virus or malware attack on my site but after checking all the files on the site I decided it is not a malware attack as all the files were intact and there are no new files. I deleted and recreated my sitemap.xml and .htaccess files but still the problem persisted.

I went through GoDaddy support forums and found many users having same problems but no definite solution. I made couple of long calls to GoDaddy customer support which repeatedly kept saying that this was a problem due to the scripts I am running on my WordPress installation but it is not.

Being fed up with the GoDaddy support, I decided to change few settings on my own to see if it helps. The first thing I did was to do a header check for a non existent file like and I got a clean 404 error. So I decided to try changing settings on my own. I went to the DNS manager and updated the A record to the same IP address it was already there. For example the A record has 123.456.78.9 I edited it and again typed in the same information and saved the zone file again. I did the same for the nameservers as well. I edited the nameserver files and keyed in the same information that was already there and saved the zone file. I immediately got an automated email to my admin email address from Godaddy that the DNS has been edited and it will take few minutes to change. And Voila! in few minutes the site was perfectly OK and I was getting a 200 OK response. So if you have similar problems, I suggest you do the same what I did and if you need any more help on setting your name server, feel free to drop me a comment and I am glad to help you fox this otherwise mysterious issue.

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